A Letter to the Big Toe and the Bottom


Dearest Other,

At first glance, you were really something — a wily figure eager to dive in and swim. But along the way, things always seem to change. You get re-invented, re-engineered and retooled to be more like a reckless phantom ready to sink. The 'abstract' that you are has become too tough to believe in, leaving you to become just another cause, heavy at sea. More of an abnormal 'bend' in the way things should be — that is, things should be light with hollow voids and never too much of anything in the middle (a perfect way to float). You've been 'advised-around', 'reaction-read', 'instinct-explained', 'impulse-interpreted', and hollowed out into some 'other's-other' who'll never quite swim or touch the ground. But just because the bottom isn’t quite clear doesn't mean it's not there. So in the meantime, keep swimming, you belong (and happen to be) in this deep sea. And every so often stretch that big toe of yours to skim for the bottom. Keep paddling, keep stretching, because when you feel that bottom (and you will) you’ll start walking from this deep sea. As for those of us left circling in the boat, those of us afraid of the water who still naggingly ask 'why bother... what’s it all for anyway?'

You'll have to learn how to swim, the boat always leaks.